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Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood - Ahibak (feat. Safae Essafi) (Extended Official Video)

I love you – Ahibak: a true story with a soundtrack made by Dudu Tassa and Jonny Greenwood (from Radiohead)

This is the story of a mother, who tries to hide her secret passion to her father. Through her journey with her only child, we will discover the city of Morocco. A city rich in colors, movements and history. This journey will lead us to Nadia’s passion for tbourida. A traditional horse sport not usually practice by woman.

Written & directed by Ilan Azoulay
Lead actress & codirect: Amal Ahamri

Production: I.A Creative House
Executive producer: Batel Pipano
Coordinateur: Moustaffa
Art director: Yuval Shmaya
Cinematographer: Ilan Azoulay
Production Coordinator: Clean mind films
1st AD: Mehdi Ameur
1st AC: Dor Revivo
2nd AC: Mehdi Naamane
Operator: Mourad Belmoudden
Gaffer: Tioma Terehov
Best boy: Toufik Said
Location Manager: Mohamed
Set Decorator: Ilan Azoulay
Stylist: Yuval Shmaya

Casting director: Kabal
Mohamed Ziat, Amal Ahamri, Rida Bouaczaow, Dudu Tassa
Hanan Talid, Ikram, Talid, Ilham Talid, Milouda Belassali, Nourelhouda Ahamri, Soukaina Assila, Touria Morsli, Wafae Bigan

Post-Production: I.A Creative House
Editor: Ilan Azoulay
Color Grading: Adam Edelstein
Sound Design: Shai Sivan

Special thanks: Daniel Karni, Shlomo Shmaya, Samuel J.Attias, Adam Edelstein, Yuval Shmaya